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In celebration of the completion of my functional medicine training, I wanted to bring you an in-depth examination of the difference between functional medicine and allopathic medicine.

I also wanted to illustrate how medical intuition & energy medicine can be complementary to your healthcare approach.

Today I cover the 5 tenents of functional medicine…

    • Functional Medicine views us all as being different; genetically and biochemically unique. This personalized health care treats the individual, not the disease. It supports the normal healing mechanisms of the body, naturally, rather than attacking disease directly.

    • Functional Medicine is deeply science-based. The latest research shows us that what happens within us is connected in a complicated network or web of relationships. Understanding those relationships allows us to see deep into the functioning of the body.

    • Your body is intelligent and has the capacity for self-regulation, which expresses itself through a dynamic balance of all your body systems.

    • Your body has the ability to heal and prevent nearly all the diseases of aging.

    • Health is not just the absence of disease, but a state of immense vitality.

I also talked about the difference between healing and a cure.

And finally, I gave a brief intro to medical intuition.

One aspect of life where we can create more flow is how and what we eat. How do we think about food and eating? How can we create a more calm, smoothe and flowing approach?


For me the answer is simplification, and what is more simple than clean eating? Are you considering moving to clean eating, but cannot find the motivation to start? It may be that clean eating sounds like an entire lifestyle shift, one that requires proper planning and proper initiation. You may be putting it off until you get a few days off from work or when that one big project is over. But here’s the problem with waiting until…”I have this”, or “This is done”…You will keep looking for reasons to put off change until you realize that you can just break down that change into smaller pieces and start integrating it slowly into your life. Right now. Today!

Want more? check out this blog post https://drlaramay.com/blog/newyearflowpart2

Happy New Year! In today’s episode, I talk about the concept of flow.

I was inspired to bring you this audio version of my new year blog. Where I delve into the meaning of flow, the application of flow in our lives. Get your pen and paper ready to do a bit of journalling and tune into the reflective and hopefully inspiring episode.



Today’s episode cuts through the CBD hype and gives you the real information.

We’ve all heard about the miracle of CBD lately. But is it true? What’s all the hype about? How do they get the THC out of it? Is it the same plant?

Tune into today’s episode where I answer all these questions and more!

Today’s episode dissolves misconceptions surrounding addiction and provides you with a path to healing recovery.

Did you know that addiction literally changes the way your brain operates? It changes the chemical balance and therefore your behavioral tendencies. Addiction is not just about willpower. It’s just not that simple.

Tune into today’s episode to learn more about addiction and the healing path to recovery.

Today’s episode is a continuation of the Self-Love episode in Sept.

Our physical bodies are learning devices. What a crazy thought! Right? We are energetic beings having a physical experience in these human bodies. The physical form we incarnated in is a spiritual assignment. I don’t know about you, but I am constantly learning lessons from my body. This can be quite an emotional rollercoaster.

Tune into today’s episode to learn more about 6 ways to shift your body image perception and see it as a vehicle for love.

Today’s episode takes you into the world of multidimensional manifesting and uncovering your divine destiny.

Do you feel off track? or maybe lost or out of sync with your life? Do you get the feeling you were meant for something different in your life? You are not alone and I have the answer for you!

Tune into today’s episode to learn more about how to uncover your destiny and start manifesting at the multidimensional level. You don’t want to miss this episode packed with tools and processes to get you into alignment and living a fulfilled life.

Today’s episode dives into how to work with your Angels and Spirit Guides.

In order to help us throughout our incarnations…especially on places like earth; we have all different types of etheric assistance. Although sometimes it may feel like we travel this planet alone, we are constantly accompanied by Source Spirit and legions of light, known as the Celestial Hierarchy.

Tune into today’s episode to learn more about the ways to connect on a higher plane with your Celestial Team.

Today’s episode we get into building a personal practice. What is it exactly? Why would I want to do this? and more!


“Sadhana” is a Sanskrit term to explain consistent activity and discipline of various practices with a goal to surrender the ego and develop a profound relationship with the Divine and one’s Self. Generally, this can include meditation, yoga, prayer, and other related practices. 


But why do we want to do this…because a solid practice LITERALLY becomes the foundation of your life, and enhances EVERYTHING. 


Tips for success

  1. Keep a journal

  2. Get creative

  3. Allow for some flexibility/non judgement



Tune into to today’s episode to learn more about all the ways to build your best personal practice.

In today’s episode, I get personal about my struggle with my body dysmorphia, self-talk, and struggle with self-love.

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and rarely are they accepted by society/the media. Too many of us are self-conscious and self-critical, and focusing too much on our flaws. The worst thing we can do is make comparisons to and assumptions about ourselves and others. When we judge others, we are really just projecting our own self judgement onto someone else. We all need to learn to love who we are because we are all unique; there is no perfect body, no perfect person.

Tune into today’s episode to learn more about the best ways to cultivate self-love.


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