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Today’s episode highlights the variety of ways your gut can influence the health of your brain, skin, immune system and almost every other part of your body.

Leaky Gut is a real condition affecting a huge swath of people that probably don’t even realize it. Leaky Gut Syndrome is a condition in which the lining of the small intestine becomes damaged, causing undigested food particles, waste products, and bacteria to "leak" through the intestines and into the bloodstream.


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The concept of “good” & “bad” cholesterol is outdated. Yet, most docs are still focused on HDL & LDL as an indicative picture of our cardiac health. Unfortunately, they are behind on the most up to date research. In this episode I explain the role of cholesterol in the body, why our cardiac health is more complicated than just HDL & LDL, what numbers your doctor should be checking in addition, and of course what foods will help you instead of contributing to the problem.


CHECK OUT drlaramay.com/lightbodyradio/cholesterol for all the resources and literature you can reference to learn more.

Today’s episode is mish-mesh of why you should finally give up cow’s milk and why alkalizing your diet can have great whole body benefits.

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Today’s episode is all about creating a morning routine to improve your productivity, happiness & health.


Foundational Elements of the Productive Morning Formula

#1 Evaluate your “why”. Why do you want to change your morning routine? DO you wake up in a rush or in a bad mood most days? Are you ready to reshape how you start your day?

#2 How do you wake up? What thoughts do you think as soon as your alarm goes off?

  • Be aware

  • Don’t judge yourself

  • Choose again, with a better thought, be deliberate

  • Try starting with a simple “Thank you”

#3 Morning Mindset

  • Journaling

  • Meditation

  • Affirmations

  • Gratitude

  • Set intentions for the rest of your day

#4 Fuel: Food & Movement

  • eat enough fat & protein to get you through 5-6 hours without feeling hungry

    • avocados, eggs, bacon, greens, olive oil, MCT/coconut oil, ghee/grass fed butter. etc.

  • 15-30 minutes of movement of your choice

    • yoga, walking, running, HIIT, weight training, etc.

#5 Other Aspects of a Positive Morning

  • good music

  • watch something positive (no news first thing in the morning!)

I hope this episode gets you thinking and creating a new morning routine for yourself. You have the power to create a powerfully positive foundation for your life. Start today! Get your New Year off to a great start.

Starvation, right? That's what intermittent fasting is...right? NO! Let's just get that out of the way right now. Fasting does NOT mean starving yourself.

"Ok, so how can fasting improve my health?" You may ask. I will try to make this answer as simple as possible in this weeks episode. Today I will cover everything from being a "sugar-burner" or "fat-burner", to the different fasting intervals and what you can accomplish in your health by using them. 

This episode is packed full of information be sure not to miss it!


Have you ever had a Reiki session? Are you curious about it?


In this episode, I describe to you the forms of Reiki I practice, which are Angelic, Usui & Crystal. You'll learn how you are the actual healer & the how it can raise your vibes. Check it out!

Why substituting sugar with artificial sweeteners is sabotaging your health.


If you're trying to reduce the sugar and calories in your diet, you may be turning to artificial sweeteners or other sugar substitutes. While avoiding the caloric punch of excess sugar consumption is a good thing, if artificial sweeteners are your chosen alternative, then you might be causing more harm than good. Tune in to learn why and what a better alternative is. 

Today’s episode is all about creating rituals.

Empowering rituals must be meaningful, engaging and purpose driven. The rituals you build must be simple, fun and straightforward as well. This is what will keep you consistent & persistent with them over the long-haul.

Tune in to this episode to learn how to create rituals that will help you be more productive, energized & feeling fulfilled in life.

I recently wrote a 9 part series on my blog all about meditation. In this episode, I take you through the highlights giving you tips and tricks to make your meditation the success you've been striving for. 

check out drlaramay.com/blog to get all 9 blog posts

Do you allow your tribe to dictate your self-approval?
Do you seek inner validation from outside sources?

If you answered yes, then this is the episode for you.

Today we will learn the difference between outer self-esteem, inner self-esteem, and being strong & confident from an inner empowered place. I will take you through the 7 chakras and show you how your inner self-esteem manifests through each one.

There are lots of deep questions in this episode, so get ready to go deep inside of yourself.

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